Are You Really Diversified?

Diversification is word that is commonly used in investment circles but is also commonly misunderstood. The definition of diversification may mean something completely different from one investor to the next. What if we told you that some investors really believe that owning a bunch of stocks along with some bonds means they are well-diversified? What if we told you that an investor thinks he is well-diversified because he owns 10 or 15 different oil company stocks? How about owning 10 or 15 mining company stocks?... Continue Reading

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The Role of Gold in an Uncertain World

Heading into the weekend, investors may be feeling a bit of angst following another terrorist attack in France ahead of the first round of French presidential elections taking place this weekend. Following this weekend’s initial round, another round of elections will take place in early May. These elections have been a major topic in financial markets for some time now, and could potentially make or break the EU as it exists today. Other elections in the region could also impact the union going forward, and... Continue Reading

Geopolitics and Gold

The last week has seen some interesting developments in the world of geopolitics. Although much of investors’ attention has been focused on Russia and China in recent months, this week may be very indicative of exactly who may be enemy #1 right now for the U.S. North Korea has continued in its saber-rattling and appears set to continue in its quest for nuclear weapons. This nation (which some refer to as “rogue”), appears to be the single biggest threat to U.S. National security currently. Over... Continue Reading

Does Germany Know Something the Rest of Us Don’t?

In recent months, Germany has reportedly repatriated half of its gold reserves ahead of schedule. Bundesbank confirmed back in February that it had already moved 583 tons of gold out of New York and Paris. Germany’s plan to hold half of its gold in Frankfort is several years ahead of schedule. Many may be wondering why… There are numerous theories behind the rapid repatriation of the country’s gold. Some have suggested that Germany is looking to keep its gold close in case it is needed... Continue Reading

Should You Start To Worry?

Stocks are lower on Tuesday as ongoing risk aversion appears to be on the rise. Any why wouldn’t it? In the last week, the United States has struck Syria with 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles in retaliation for another chemical weapons attack unleashed by the country on its own innocent people. Russia has voiced its concerns over the U.S. military action taken, and relations between the U.S. and Russia could potentially deteriorate significantly if some common ground on the issue is not found-and found soon. To... Continue Reading

From Headwinds to Tailwinds

The tide is turning, and boy is it turning fast…Less than 24 hours ago, President Trump ordered cruise missile attacks on Syrian targets. This military action represents a major shift in policy for the administration, and it remains unclear just how much the situation could potentially escalate. The strikes are in response to the latest chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians, a cowardly, deplorable act that must be responded to and stopped. On news of the strikes, the gold market popped while stocks sank and... Continue Reading

Do They Have It All Wrong?

There seems to be a large consensus that the potential for further rate hikes from the Fed in the second quarter and beyond could derail the rally seen in gold in recent months. A more aggressive central bank, a stronger dollar index and robust appetite for risk are all reasons given for what could be the yellow metal’s “demise.” Thus far, however, none of these issues or potential issues has been able to put a halt to the buying in gold. In fact, the gold... Continue Reading

Is It Time To Fasten Your Seatbelt?

The stock market had a great first quarter-no doubt about it. The question now is: Will the second quarter see the same degree of buying interest? Or will the rally begin to really fizzle? Gold also had a solid first quarter. The yellow metal hung tough despite stronger stocks and a higher dollar index. It also performed well in spite of rising interest rates. Could stocks and gold continue to rise together? Sure, there is certainly nothing to say that these markets cannot both climb... Continue Reading

Does Quiet Mean Noise Ahead?

The gold market has been trending higher in recent weeks as geopolitical uncertainty keeps a floor under prices. The yellow metal has performed quite well given the fact that stocks remain not far from recent highs and the dollar index may be recovering. Of particular note, however, is the fact that gold trading volumes have been low. Not only that, but sales of gold bullion have been very low. Why might this be you may be asking? It’s possible that many investors are trying to... Continue Reading

Now Is The Time To Be Proactive

Right now may be the ideal time to consider moving some assets around. Although stocks are not far from recent highs, recent price action in the equity markets could potentially be considered a shot across the bow. Investors have gotten a glimpse of market volatility-that hasn’t been seen in some time- and there could potentially be more where that came from, a lot more. The CBOE’s VIX, a widely used measure of market volatility, remains stubbornly low. The VIX is often referred to as the... Continue Reading