Now is the Time to Buy

Gold prices have slumped to a 12-month low, as investors remain hungry for risk and as stock markets continue their ascent back towards previous highs. Although gold has been lacking any significant, bullish catalyst in the short-term, the long-term outlook for the metal looks as bright as ever. Some of the most successful investors seem able to recognize value, while also having a knack for identifying market turning points. These investors understand the notion of market cycles and understand the importance of going against the... Continue Reading

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Not So Fast

The U.S. Dollar has been on a tear in recent months, and is currently trading around a 12 month high. The strength seen in the currency in recent months has almost certainly been a major factor in gold’s recent lack of upside, and further gains in the greenback could keep the pressure on. The significant impact the dollar has had on the gold market is not likely to continue indefinitely, however, and once this trade reverses course the outlook for the metal could be extremely... Continue Reading

Is a Full-Blown Depression in the Cards?

As investors await the latest FOMC meeting minutes, the ongoing battle over global trade remains at the forefront of attention. China, the EU, the U.S. and other regions thus far appear determined to dig in and try to hold their ground as tensions over trade escalate further. The current tit-for-tat exchanges of tariffs could be only the beginning, with even larger measures potentially being implemented. Although the opinions are quite varied as to how a global trade war could play out, such a scenario could... Continue Reading

A Buying Opportunity

The gold market has continued to see selling pressure as a combination of bearish factors take a toll on market sentiment. While the recent slide in gold prices may be viewed as “bearish” or a negative by short-term traders, smart long-term investors will likely welcome lower prices. The notion of rising interest rates, a strong appetite for risk and a stronger dollar have all affected gold and hard assets. Sentiment is currently very poor, and the market’s technical posture is also lacking. Key moving averages... Continue Reading

Will Stocks Force a Retirement Crisis?

Although stocks have shown some signs of trouble in recent sessions, the market has been quite resilient in recent months. Volatility remains at subdued levels, and while there may be whiff of selling in the air, the bears have yet to really show their teeth. The aging bull market will at some point make its final high-if it hasn’t done so already. Not only that, but the economy is likely to slow significantly in the quarters ahead, and the next major recession could be seen... Continue Reading

Further Dollar Strength Could Trigger the Next Major Debt Implosion

The issue of global dent has been widely talked about for some time. Unfortunately, sometimes the damaging effects of massive debt are ignored due to a “borrow now, worry about it later” mentality. The EU has had more than its share of debt problems in recent years, with the financial crisis in Greece having had a significant impact on global financial markets. Other nations have issues as well, and Italy has once again become a primary area of focus. Italy is one of the most... Continue Reading

Buy With Both Hands

Gold prices are under pressure again today, as the metal tries to find a bottom around a six month low. While short-term traders-AKA speculators-may be exiting long positions or even selling the metal short, the patient, long-term investor is likely trying to get as much gold as they can right now. The globe is currently seeing numerous issues that could cause an explosive situation in financial markets. The potential for a global trade war, rising inflation and further issues in the EU could all have... Continue Reading

Rates May Go Up Only to Come Right Back Down

With the U.S. and global economies on more solid footing, the Fed has been raising interest rates as it attempts to normalize monetary policy. Other central banks, such as the ECB, are also looking to end stimulus measures and begin the process of removing monetary stimulus through low rates, QE or both. As central banks remove the punchbowl, however, markets will be left to stand on their own two feet. This could be compared to stock markets continuing to play the game, but now without... Continue Reading

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Is the Economy Running on Borrowed Time?

Without question, the U.S. economy is currently on more solid footing than it was a few short years ago. The labor market is strong, with unemployment levels at the lowest levels in years, and recent growth figures have in some cases exceeded expectations. The Fed has even begun the process of monetary tightening, lifting interest rates off the ultra-low levels seen over most of the last decade. Recent tax cuts and massive government spending are certainly playing a role in the current economic expansion. Stocks... Continue Reading

One Step Closer to an All out Trade War

Stocks are taking it on the chin in early action Tuesday, with the Dow Jones at one point in early action trading lower by over 400 points. The ongoing escalation in trade relations between the U.S. and China has set the tone for the day, and investors appear to be increasingly aware of the risks that a full-blown trade war could pose. In the latest salvo, U.S. President Donald Trump has said he would consider additional tariffs on another $200 billion worth of Chinese goods... Continue Reading

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