Two Major Factors

The gold market remains relatively quiet in recent action as the metal tries to hold support around the $1200 level. The bulls have not had much to cheer about in recent weeks, as higher stocks and a stronger dollar have taken a toll on sentiment. When it comes to financial markets, however, things can and do change in a hurry. That said, there are two potential events on the horizon that have the potential to drastically change the outlook for not only gold but other... Continue Reading

Liquidity Could Be an Issue

It seems that with each passing day, more and more analysts are jumping on the bear bandwagon. There have already been numerous calls from well-respected firms highlighting the risks that the economy and stock market are facing, and some have even suggested that the next major downturn could be far more significant and longer than the last. There are numerous potential issues that could drive the next major downturn: Higher interest rates, weakening stimulus effects, geopolitics and higher inflation to name a few. Regardless of... Continue Reading

Things May Look Very Different

Investing is an art rather than a science. Keeping the big picture in mind is critically important when it comes to achieving financial objectives. That being said, the time to consider the big picture is now. Forget record-high stock markets and a rebound in real estate values for a moment and consider what the financial landscape could look like in 20, 30 or even 50 years. With a stock market that has been moving higher for a decade now, some might suggest those getting long... Continue Reading

Let the Coiling Continue

The last several months have unquestionably been challenging for the gold market. Higher stocks, a stronger dollar and overall robust appetite for risk have all played a role in the metal’s lack of upside. Although it is unclear of the market has yet found a long-term bottom, recent price action would seem to suggest that a bottom is at hand, or very close. The market has been consolidating in recent days as it tries to hold the psychologically important $1200 level. The selling pressure appears... Continue Reading

Like a Fueling Rocket

The gold market has without a doubt had a disappointing summer to say the least. The market has yet to build upon any rallies, and eager short-sellers have pounced on the opportunity to sell any moves higher. Things may be about to change, however. The gold market is showing more signs of bottoming action, and although it is not yet clear if a bottom has been reached, the market could potentially see some fireworks in the weeks and months ahead. There is certainly no shortage... Continue Reading

Back to Business

With the Labor Day Holiday weekend now in the rear-view mirror, investors will likely look to get back down to business as the month of September gets under way. With increasing trade volumes may also come an increase in market volatility. Investors appear to have gotten quite complacent in recent months as stocks have treaded water not far from previous all-time highs. This complacency, however, could lead to a significant market decline if a bearish catalyst gets the ball rolling. A primary area of concern... Continue Reading

Remember the VIX?

There has been little in the way of market volatility in recent months, and investors appear to be growing increasingly complacent as the markets look to make fresh, all-time highs. Although markets spent some time in correction territory, they have not seen any significant declines for fresh buyers to enter. This could lead to a large amount of FOMO-or fear of missing out. This fear of missing out could take the market to some significant new heights before the bottom falls out. There has been... Continue Reading

A Prime Example

Last week brought with it numerous geopolitical issues and the highly anticipated central bank symposium in Jackson, Hole, Wyoming that is sponsored by the Kansas City Federal Reserve and takes place each year. Central banks have been a key area of focus for investors in recent months, as many are now in the process of attempting to normalize monetary policies and reign in swollen balance sheets. The Fed’s role is so critical, in fact, that even U.S. President Donald Trump has voiced his concerns over... Continue Reading

Just a Few Things to Consider

Stocks have remained amazingly resilient in recent months, and the current rally in the S&P500 is now the longest on record. Make no mistake, however, the party will not likely go on indefinitely. Indeed, there are numerous issues currently at play that could cause a massive drop in equity markets while sparking what could be the greatest increase in volatility of all-time. Although gold has been on the defensive in recent months, its weakness is likely in direct correlation to higher stocks and increasing economic... Continue Reading

The Next Recession Is Coming

The last several months have seen increasing discussions over the potential timing of the next recession. Many analysts have already been sounding the alarm bells, and some believe that the next recession could be far more extensive and challenging than the last. With the S&P 500 in striking range of achieving the longest bull market ever, there are reasons to be concerned that the market could be at or very near a long-term top. Here are a few issues to consider that could point to... Continue Reading