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Is the Next Major Commodity Cycle Getting Started?

Global equity markets have dominated much of the financial media in recent years. The ascension of stocks following the major crash of 2008-2009 is certainly a story worth telling. Many investors who bought in heavily around those lows have likely amassed a small fortune as the market has continued to climb. Nearly a decade into the bull market, however, the market is finally showing some significant signs of topping. Recent volatility could be a good indicator of a topping process already underway. Bull markets do... Continue Reading

3 Important Questions to Ask

There is without question a very strong case to be made about why you need to have physical gold as part of your portfolio. This asset class can not only potentially see significant appreciation in value, but may also provide an important hedge against numerous economic and geopolitical issues such as inflation, deflation, a weaker dollar and more. Perhaps the more important question to be asking is not if you should incorporate gold into your investment strategy, but rather how much gold should you buy... Continue Reading

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Forget Price for a Moment

Although the potential for higher prices is certainly a reason to buy and hold gold, there are several other reasons, perhaps even more important reasons, to buy and keep the metal. While most investors have been fixated on the stock market for the last decade, the gold market potentially represents an excellent value at current price levels. Not only that, but the current state of the economy and geopolitical landscape may also warrant a significant allocation in gold. Below are three primary issues that should... Continue Reading

Are Markets Topping?

The roller-coaster continues. After seeing significant selling to start the week off, stocks rebounding on Tuesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished higher by nearly 400 points on the day, and investors appeared to be putting worries over a trade war behind them-at least for the day. As has been discussed in previous posts, however, there is likely something much larger brewing in the equities markets. Recent volatility, along with a significant spike in the markets fear gauge, the “VIX,” could point to a topping... Continue Reading

Another Quarter Point Hike

On Wednesday afternoon, the Federal Reserve hiked the Fed Funds Rate by another 25 basis points, bringing the rate to 1.50-1.75%. This move from the central bank was widely expected, and investors are likely to be far more focused on the commentary from the central bank after the announcement. The Fed forecast at least two more hikes this year, and also upgraded its outlook on the economy. The combination of tax cuts and government spending are cited as potential catalysts for higher inflation and a... Continue Reading

Is This Week all About the Fed?

There is certainly no shortage of things happening right now that could potentially affect financial asset prices. One of the major potential catalysts for price action this week is likely to be Wednesday’s Fed meeting. It is widely expected that the central bank will take another step towards normalizing monetary policy. The central bank will likely raise the Fed Funds Rate by another 25 basis points. Markets seem prepared for such a move from the Fed, and will probably be far more interested in what... Continue Reading

Three Reasons Physical Gold is the Ultimate Investment

Unlike paper assets such as stocks or bonds, physical gold brings a lot more to the table than the potential for higher prices or dividends.  If you do not already own physical gold, here are three major reasons you need to consider an allocation right now. Gold is the only real form of money: The problems associated with fiat, or paper currencies, are nothing new. Paper money has shown a strong tendency to lose value over time. As paper money declines in value, so does... Continue Reading

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Inflation Running Hotter

This week, investors anxiously awaited the release of key inflation data that has the potential to be market-moving. On Wednesday, markets saw the most recent data on CPI. The month-over-month reading came in at .5%, above consensus estimates of a .3 or .4% rise. The core CPI reading, which excludes volatile food and energy costs, seemingly confirmed the higher month-over-month data with a rise of .3%. Today saw the release of the latest data on PPI, which also points to increasing price pressures. Month-over-month PPI... Continue Reading

A Double Whammy of Rising Inflation and a Falling Dollar

Investors could potentially be in for a rough ride in 2018, as several key market dynamics are changing. The Fed has been slow to raise rates further-and with good reason- as inflation for some time lagged well-below the central bank’s desired target of 2% annually. The central bank seems to be thinking a bit differently at this point, however, as some key indicators of inflationary pressure have been ticking higher in recent months. The central bank has penciled in three rate hikes this year, but... Continue Reading

Is the Dollar a Sinking Ship?

The shutdown of the U.S. Government over the weekend is likely to dominate the headlines this week. Although it seemed late Friday that a deal could potentially be reached in time, Republicans and Democrats appear to be far from an agreement at this point. Stock investors didn’t seem to be fazed by the potential shutdown on Friday, but that could change in a hurry if both sides of the aisle are not able to make progress quickly. Although the shutdown is not likely to have... Continue Reading