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Is the Dollar a Sinking Ship?

The shutdown of the U.S. Government over the weekend is likely to dominate the headlines this week. Although it seemed late Friday that a deal could potentially be reached in time, Republicans and Democrats appear to be far from an agreement at this point. Stock investors didn’t seem to be fazed by the potential shutdown on Friday, but that could change in a hurry if both sides of the aisle are not able to make progress quickly. Although the shutdown is not likely to have... Continue Reading

Another Reason to Own Gold Now

Weekly jobless claims were reported at 220,000 this week, the lowest reading in several decades. Other key areas of the economy, such as manufacturing and housing appear to be on solid footing while economic optimism remains extremely high. Through all of the recent data and market signals, one thing is clear: Despite still running below the Fed’s desired 2% target, inflation is picking up. Job creation, rising crude oil prices and rising yields seem to back up that notion. The benchmark 10 year note is... Continue Reading

Could Inflation Be Lurking Around the Corner?

It’s no secret that inflation levels have been running well below the Fed’s desired target of two percent. Despite stubbornly low inflation levels, the central bank stands ready to hike rates further in 2018, perhaps as many as three times. Does the central bank know something the rest of us don’t? While the conspiracy theorists may be disappointed, the answer is probably not. Inflation has remained below desired levels, and it seems to be a thorn in the Fed’s side. Although inflation reports and other... Continue Reading

Now is the Time

As 2017 draws to a close, now is the time to take stock of your holdings and to plan ahead for the challenges of 2018. Constantly changing market dynamics as well as economic and geopolitical influences necessitate a proactive approach to investing, and there is no better time to get started than right now. The passage of the Trump administration’s tax overhaul could potentially fuel an economic boom, although its effects may take some time to trickle down. With or without increasing economic activity, there... Continue Reading

Why Now May be the Time to Exit Stocks

Stocks have had a great run, no doubt. Since bottoming out in the aftermath of the financial crises of 2008/2009, stocks have gained an enormous amount of value. In fact, recent months have seen not only increasing stock market exuberance, but also more and more cautionary tales. The herd mentality is alive and well in stocks, and with each fresh all-time high, more and more investors are getting sucked in-or sucked back in. Markets have an uncanny way of pulling in every last investor before... Continue Reading

Patience is Key

Gold is showing some undeniable signs of strength that could be indicative of an upcoming breakout in price. While those that are only near-sighted or looking to trade the metal over the short-term may be frustrated with its recent trading range, smart long-term investors may see the current range as a great opportunity to acquire more of it before prices really take off. There are two current issues being seen in the market that are noteworthy: First, the gold market has seen any significant declines.... Continue Reading

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3 Reasons to Add Gold to Your Portfolio Right Now

When many investors think of investments in gold, they think of higher gold prices. Investors have been thoroughly trained to think of investments in terms of if I buy XXX at $10 and sell it later at $20, I have made a 100% return. Now, let’s be clear. There is nothing wrong with buying low and selling high. And who wouldn’t want to make a profit on an investment. Gold, however, offers numerous intangible benefits in addition to the possibility of higher prices. Many of... Continue Reading

A Lot More of the Same

Yesterday, investors got the release of the latest Fed meeting minutes. For those looking for more clarity from the central bank regarding its plans for monetary policy going forward, the minutes were likely a disappointment. In its commentary, the central bank discussed jobs, a lack of inflation and a stronger economy. They also again reiterated another rate hike this year. While the Fed focused on a number of positives, there are some key negatives that cannot be overlooked. The Fed’s failure to spark meaningful inflation... Continue Reading

Buying Opportunity

The price of gold has seen some moderate declines in recent days. Although some may attribute these declines to the FOMC meeting commentary on Wednesday, there may be other, simpler forces at work. On Wednesday, the Fed reiterated its plans for another interest rate hike this year, and the central bank says it remains on track for another three rate hikes next year. The Fed seems intent on following through with its plans despite a significant lack of inflation and other issues that could potentially... Continue Reading

Time for Some Back and Fill?

As we have stated for some time now, gold could be at the early stages of a multi-year protracted bull market. In recent action, gold has eclipsed its previous swing highs and has covered some serious ground in a short period of time. Although we believe that further upside-and lots of it-is likely to be seen in gold in the coming weeks and months, no one has “missed the boat” as of yet, and now is as good a time as any to start adding... Continue Reading