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Has a Bottom Finally Been Reached?

Gold is powering higher on Thursday as a number of issues are giving the yellow metal a boost. With gold’s recent strong showing, it begs the question of whether or not the metal has finally found a significant bottom. For the time being, it appears (in our opinion) that the answer to that question is a “yes.” Since being hammered in the immediate aftermath of the November Trump Presidential election victory, the gold market has been trending higher, and in fact got off to a... Continue Reading

Uncertainty on the Rise

Stocks got off to a lousy start this week, as investor anxiety over Trump’s immigration ban as well as corporate earnings is on the rise. The recent actions taken by the Trump administration could be just the first of more to come, and could potentially divide the nation further. The Trump administration recently put a ban on immigration from several primarily-Muslim countries and also put a 120 day hold on the U.S. refugee program. The actions drew immediate praise from some, and immediate disgust from... Continue Reading

Let the Money Printing Continue

Much of the recent talk in the financial media has been centered on Donald Trump taking office and what the new Presidential administration may be able to accomplish. There has been much talk of pro-growth policies, rising inflation and higher interest rates. Although the U.S. is no longer actively engaged in QE, and although the U.S. has begun tightening interest rates, such is not the case in other parts of the world. Ultra-low monetary policies remain in place in several key economies and central banks... Continue Reading

Could Dollar Upside Be Limited From Here?

It’s no secret that President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t mind voicing his opinion on social media. Various companies such as Boeing and L.L. Bean have already seen what commentary from the soon-to-be-President can do to stock prices. Trump recently did an interview with the Wall Street Journal, however, in which he voiced concerns over the rise of the dollar. The greenback moved sharply higher following Trump’s early November election victory, at one point climbing 4 percent higher at its peak after the election. In the Friday... Continue Reading

Is The Trump Trade Being Unwound?

Not to beat a dead horse, but recent price action in key markets begs the question of whether or not the Trump trade has finally run its course. Since Trump’s Presidential election victory in early November, many markets have done the exact opposite of what many analysts were calling for. Stocks have rocketed higher while bonds have been pummeled. The dollar index has also risen sharply in the last several weeks as rates have been on the rise. Optimism over possible tax cuts and a... Continue Reading

Latest Fed Minutes Most Hawkish In Years-Or Are They?

Last week, investors got the latest release of the FOMC meeting minutes. Although at first glance the minutes appeared to be considerably more hawkish, the central bank did also cite some risk it sees in the New Year. While it can also be a matter of interpretation to a degree, upon a closer examination of the minutes the Fed still seems rather cautious. The central bank voted to raise rates last month for just the second time in a decade, and while the Fed now... Continue Reading

Better Times Ahead For Gold?

In spite of the declines seen in recent weeks following Donald Trump’s Presidential election victory, gold and silver still managed to put together a solid year of gains. Although these key precious metals remain vulnerable to further selling pressure, long-term buyers and bargain hunters may step in at or around current price levels, helping the metals find what may be a long-term bottom. Numerous issues have been cited for gold’s recent weakness, including stronger stocks, rising interest rates, a higher dollar index and economic optimism.... Continue Reading

Are Investors Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

The year is quickly winding down, and gold may end 2016 on a bit of a sour note. The recent decline in gold prices, with a strong rise in stocks, interest rates and the dollar goes to show just how quickly things can and do change in modern financial markets. Although gold could potentially remain on the defensive for the next several weeks or even months, we believe it is important to keep the recent sell off in perspective. Equity markets have been moving sharply... Continue Reading

Gold Will Shine Again

As the year winds down, and as trading volumes decline, many key markets are likely right at or near levels where they will finish out 2016. Although stocks have had a great several weeks, other asset classes, such as gold and silver, have not performed as well. Although risk assets have been moving higher on the notion of increased spending and tax cuts, much remains to be seen that could determine how markets might perform in the New Year. We believe that gold and silver... Continue Reading

Don’t Get Distracted by all of the Noise

Last week marked the first time the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates in a year, and only the second time it has done so in a decade. Although the Fed did not surprise markets at all implementing a rate hike of 25bps, the central bank did appear to sound considerably more hawkish than markets had expected. Given the fact that a quarter point rate hike by the Fed was pretty much a foregone conclusion, investors turned their attention to the central bank’s plans for... Continue Reading